Land procurement

There are too many obstacles which prevent land from being utilised to its optimum. Hence to develop and maximise a land's potential, one has to plan in advance and take timely decisions. Our team has expertise in identification of correct land parcels, aligning them with current master plans, and likely upcoming modifications in the master plan.

Our Range of Services include:

  • Expertise in master planning, zoning, correct product mix carefully understanding the population density
  • Market audit considering the velocity of sales desired aligning that with the cash flow planning of the project.
  • Prepare blend of built up and non built up areas.
  • The team has expertise in Integrated Town Planning and can address the entire spectrum such as traffic study, environment study, latest concepts in the field of trunk services i.e water supply, sewerage, drainage, electric supply, low voltage management, optical fibre cabling, dual metering with single connection, cost effective landscaping considering usage of locally available materials and choices of sustainable materials.

Management Services

Evergreen Management Services is providing comprehensive project and asset management services to large projects such as townships, high rise group housings, commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks etc.

The professionals of Evergreen Management Services believe in applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in all their real estate services. Their non compromising reputation in whatever they do is earned day in day out by serving the clients and winning their confidence.

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