Liaison Services

With our in-depth understanding and knowledge of the land revenue subject, having long experience in the entire chain of approvals related to statutory compliances, we provide all kinds of support and services required in project inception to project completion including liaison services such as approval of change of land use (CLU), license approval, building plans preparation and its sanctioning, layout planning of township and its approval etc and other approvals related to different Govt. agencies like Pollution Control Dept.

At the same time we receive information on all on-going development laws and other national investment programs and we are in a position to guide potential investors in collaborations with the top consulting firms in the country.

  • Representation of companies with the concerned authorities for seeking approvals.
  • Analysis of the strategic objectives and identifying the right steps to meet their targets
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Specialized studies for each element related to project approvals.

Management Services

Evergreen Management Services is providing comprehensive project and asset management services to large projects such as townships, high rise group housings, commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks etc.

The professionals of Evergreen Management Services believe in applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in all their real estate services. Their non compromising reputation in whatever they do is earned day in day out by serving the clients and winning their confidence.

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